Argus vs Tator Tot (Video)

Poor Argus.

He looks like most of us at lunch on the Friday before a holiday. The end of the day being just….so…out…of….reach.

Argus vs Tator Tot








Argus is a Vizslas and lives in Austin, Texas. He LOVES tator tots.

argus vs tator tot







Argus is known for being a bit naughty and he knows it. You can see him checking if the coast is clear for the tator tot snag.

argus vs tator tot









 Argus Vs. Tator Tot: Everyone wins!

Argus is one of two very loved Vizslas and their mom has devoted an entire YouTube channel to their mischief. In the video titled Argus vs. Tator Tot, his mom set up a camera to capture what is a routine in their house every time they clean up from a meal.

Don’t worry about Argus, however. In the end, he DID get the tator tot after the camera finished rolling. (Also, for those of you concerned, he has a vibrating collar on, not an electric shock collar.)

Check out the video and remember: keep reaching for your dreams!

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