Fourth of July: Lost Dogs

You’ve probably heard that more dogs are reported lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year.

You can imagine a night where the sky explodes with lights and sounds can be unnerving to a dog who spends most evenings curled up at your feet on the floor.

If you’re heading out tonight there are a few precautions you can take to help your pup deal with the festivities outside:

1) Create A Safe Space: If you crate your dog, leave the door open and cover the sides with a blanket and pillows. The den-like set up helps relax your dog and the pillows help absorb some sounds. Throw some treats inside so it’s extra welcoming.

If you don’t crate your dog, you can create the same sort of safe space in any area your dog likes to relax. Improvise a den using chairs and blankets – like when you would camp indoors as a kid.

2) Drown Out The Noise: Symphonic music has a calming effect on dogs. So does white noise (just like us). If you’re leaving, leave the stereo or your cable system’s music channel on classical music, just a tad higher than you may usually listen to when you’re home.

3) Stay Calm, Show The Love: If you’re not heading out, make sure your dog knows that everything is OK. Nothing is more reassuring than lots of cuddling and hugs. Keep your voice calm and reassuring – move slowly about the house, not making any sudden movements that will raise your dogs concern.

Most importantly: Make sure all doors, window and gates are secure before departing.

And if you haven’t done so lately, update your dog’s microchip information with your most current address and phone number.

By making sure your home is set up to be a Pawsitive place, even the furriest members of your family can enjoy this holiday!


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