5 Fun Facts about Dachshunds

Sausage DogBeneath the squatty, streamlined body of the Dachshund, is a strong and nimble hunter. Although they resemble the frankfurter, these pups were originally bread for their stubborn tenacity to hunt a very ornery critter.

Learn more about the beloved Dachshund with these 5 fun facts:

  1. The name “dachshund” is German and literally translates to “badger dog” but they were also referred to as “hole dogs” as far back as the 18th century. Originally larger than their modern counterparts with longer legs, these fearless warriors were used to exterminate badgers throughout Europe.
  2. dachshund Waldi

    Waldi, the mascot of the 1972 Summer Olympic Games

    Because of their strong association with Germany, the dachshund was the symbol of the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich. His name was Waldi.

  3. As of 2012 the dachshund was the 10th most popular dog breed in the USA, according to the American Kennel Club.
  4. Prone to back injuries, a specialized laser surgery developed at the Oklahoma State University Veterinary Hospital was used in clinical trials to correct defects in injured Dachshunds, with a goal of expanding the treatment to all dachshunds as a preventative measure against spinal injuries.
  5. wiener dog races

    Wiener dogs race to finish line

    Known for their speed, thousands of dachshunds and their owners compete dachshund races around the country. One of the longest running is the annual Wiener Nationals which has been held in Orange County California for over 20 years. Locally, the annual Weinerfest held in Orlando, includes entertainment, food and a dachshund race.

It’s Tough Being A Dog

Don’t get me wrong, being a dog is AWESOME. Not a day passes that I don’t wish to trade places with my pup.

But we sometimes underestimate what it takes to be a dog. It’s a lifetime commitment of training, eating and sleeping nothing but D.O.G.

The video below shows some of the hardships dogs experience each day, but still pull off being AWESOME.

These hardships include:


tough being a dog





Doors aren’t always your friend. How do they work anyway?


tough being a dog






Sometimes selective breeding puts your toys out of reach.


tough being a dog






What is this? A force field?


tough being a dog






Top heavy puppies should always pump the brakes.


tough being a dog





You can’t be 100% all the time when showing off your sick skills. Witness how tough it is being a dog, handled by dogs who are professional at awesomeness :

source: youtube.com

Dog Catch Fails

Poor Fritz. He’s a golden retriever who can’t catch his treats.

For a golden retriever who can’t retrieve, it’s almost like a cat that can’t land on his feet or a hamster who can’t run in a wheel.

Time and time again his owner tosses him treats that get bigger and more crazy. From pizza to tacos – nothing seems to get in the right spot.

That is until…



House For Cats

Cat lovers, check this out: A house for cats, completely designed with their needs in mind

With 5 Roomba vacuums, 22 letterboxes, negative-air pressure in litter box rooms to reduce smells and $50000 in wood work just for kitties, I find it safe to say these guys are more cat people than dog people.

How much have you invested in making your house a home for cats?

Magical Golden Retriever

What could be better than one Golden Retriever? The answer, of course, it’s TWO Golden Retrievers.

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Top Tech Gifts For Dogs 2014

Christmas is right around the corner and you may be asking your self: What do I get my semi-geeky, tech loving pooch for Christmas? Well, we have some ideas below.

Big Paw’s Top Tech Gifts for Dogs Guide

PetziConnect from PetZilla – This amazing new device mounts in your home and connects to your WiFi network. From here you can view your pets, speak to them and even TOSS THEM A TREAT! It’s an amazing device that is managed through a simple app on your phone. How cool is that?


Fetch by GoPro: Everyone has a GoPro camera these days. The versatile and nearly indestructible cameras can be seen in hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos capturing surf board-views of surfers at play, perusing skyscrapers or mountains on a drone and now, from your dog’s point of view with Fetch. This simple to use, adjustable harness fits all sizes of dogs and gives you first hand perspective of a dogs world.

Halo Mini Dog Collar: Halo creates awesome LED safety bands to make sure runners, couriers and more get noticed. Now, for you early morning or late night dog walkers, the Halo Mini brings your pet the same “noticeability” on walks after dark. Be seen, be safe with he Halo Mini.


With these items your dog will definitely have something to bark about to his friends!



Christmas Presents For Pets

Many local pet retailers have a visit with Santa planned for pets. What is your pet asking Santa for this Christmas?

In 2014, Americans will have spent approximately $58.5 Billion (yes, that’s a “B”) on pets. A good hunk of that, about $14 Billion, will go to over the counter medicines, supplies and toys. Toys!

That’s a lot of Christmas presents for pets!

FullSizeRenderThis year our family added a new dog, Linus, which means he needs a Christmas stocking to match our other pup’s stocking. So, we’ve invested about $20 in his Christmas present already. Unfortunately for our holiday spending budget, we’ll most likely make a mad dash on Christmas eve and overspend on our pups just as we do every year…but that’s ok with us.

How about you? Are you spending big on your pets this year? Comment below and let us know!

In the meantime, enjoy a video of some happy puppies opening their Christmas presents:

Argus vs Tator Tot (Video)

Poor Argus.

He looks like most of us at lunch on the Friday before a holiday. The end of the day being just….so…out…of….reach.

Argus vs Tator Tot








Argus is a Vizslas and lives in Austin, Texas. He LOVES tator tots.

argus vs tator tot







Argus is known for being a bit naughty and he knows it. You can see him checking if the coast is clear for the tator tot snag.

argus vs tator tot









 Argus Vs. Tator Tot: Everyone wins!

Argus is one of two very loved Vizslas and their mom has devoted an entire YouTube channel to their mischief. In the video titled Argus vs. Tator Tot, his mom set up a camera to capture what is a routine in their house every time they clean up from a meal.

Don’t worry about Argus, however. In the end, he DID get the tator tot after the camera finished rolling. (Also, for those of you concerned, he has a vibrating collar on, not an electric shock collar.)

Check out the video and remember: keep reaching for your dreams!

Hilarious Pet Selfies

These days you’d be hard pressed to find someone who does not have some form of smart phone or at least an online presence with Facebook, Twitter or 100’s of other social media sites. Even my 3-year old has his own iPad mini. But the obvious next evolution in social sharing will come from our pets! Check out these pet selfies from a few pets who already have this “social media” thing down!

1. The Adventurer Pet Selfie
Pet Selfies


2. The Playtime Pet Selfie

Pet Selfies

3. The Lazy Sunday Pet Selfie

Pet Selfies 

4. The Cat-sel Adams Pet Selfie

Pet Selfies 

5. The #BFF4Life Pet Selfie

Pet Selfies 

Bunny Bonus:

The Mr. Weekend Selfie

Pet Selfies

Adorable Howling Husky

This is Einstien. He’s a few weeks old and just found his boy-boy howl.

And he’s about the cutest thing you’ll see today:

The only think scary about this howl is how adorable it is!