Holiday and Peak Date Fees

Holidays are a busy time for your family and ours. As clients pack up to head out of town, our team of pet care providers get ready for non-stop pet visits and dog walks. While you’re with your extended family, we’re celebrating the holidays with your furry family.

As with any product or service during a peak season, it is necessary to ensure our pet care providers are compensated for the time away from their family to take care of your family. Therefore we add a $5 per visit service fee to each visit during select peak periods throughout the year.

This fee is not a gratuity. However, 100% does go to your pet care provider. The fee is in recognition of our team who delays gift-giving on Christmas morning with their family, or eats Thanksgiving Dinner at 11am so they can ensure your pets get the time and attention they deserve.

While the dates may change each year, our holiday or peak season fee will generally apply:

  • Orange County Florida’s Spring Break dates
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Fourth of July Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Thanksgiving Week and Weekend
  • The Weeks of the Christmas and New Year holidays

For a list of the exact dates through 2016, please click here: Holiday and Peak Dates.


*Dates may change without notice.

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