Hurricane Preparation for Pets

Why Plan?

Hurricane Preparation For PetsEvery June 1st we are reminded of the possibility of nature’s fury with the start of Hurricane Season in the US. We check and double-check our stockpiles of water and canned foods. (Or, in my house, bags and bags of beef jerky are stocked up. YUM!)

But have you considered a hurricane preparation for pets? There’s nothing worse than trying to fight your way through a grocery store a few hours before the storms landfall to find aisles of water, canned foods and the like empty. But what if you found no pet food?

Make a Hurricane Preparation for Pets List

Start preparing now for your pets disaster with this simple list and be ready if the big one comes.

  1. Food and Bowls: Maybe you remembered to stock up on your pets’s favorite brand, but did you remember the food bowls? Keep a set of bowls near your pet’s food for quick and easy access.
  2. Medication: If your dog is high strung like mine, you need plenty of Chlomicalm to make it through a storm. If not, maybe insulin and other life saving medications are top of the list. Make a short list of medications you need to take with you in the event of evacuation and be sure to keep prescriptions full so you don’t find yourself without.
  3. Blankets and Toys: Your pet’s comfort is key to your sanity during a lockdown in a storm. Make sure you have a bag of chew toys, bones and other comfort items to keep your pet’s mind occupied.
  4. Pet Photo: Keep a printout photo of your pet near your stockpile of pet supplies. In the event of a catastrophe where you pet escapes, you’ll want to be able to have a photo handy to track them down once it’s safe. Of course you say “I have plenty of photos on my phone”. Consider power outages and you may not be able to charge your phone to pull up your pet pictures.
  5. Attach Tags and Update Microchips: A sure sign of a pet-animal versus a stray-animal is a collar and tags. Make sure your pet’s tags are updated with your phone number and possibly your home address. Microchips also need to be updated in the case of a lost collar. Contact your pet microchip provider to be sure your pet’s information is accurate.

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