Orlando Dog Trainer: Using Food As Rewards In Training

Food is a huge motivator for me. I can down a juicy hamburger in minutes. I love grilled salmon and vegetables  My mouth waters just thinking about it. However, burgers, salmon and the like just don’t show up in my refrigerator. I have to work for them.

Like humans, food for dogs is a pretty valuable part of life. Dogs know that food is good as soon as their born. Ever have a puppy climbing all over you while you’re at the dinner table? They may never have tasted a pork chop, but they know they want it!

Most every dog enjoys praise, petting and game play – which are all great rewards. But food is primal. If you want to get an animal’s attention you want to go for what it’s mind, body and soul are craving.

That is food.

Dog owners and trainers alike express concern about using food as a reward in training. Using food exclusively can turn into a bribe where the dog only reacts to the food and not to your command without it. But that’s why using a professional dog trainer is important. To know when your dog knows whats expected and how to transition their expectations of reward away from food and towards other things.

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