Overnight Pet Sitting

Overnight Pet Sitting Orlando

We have pet sitters ready for a sleepover!

Our overnight pet sitting is purr-fect for the pet who tends to get a little nervous on his or her own.

Our overnight pet sitters will remain in your home for a minimum of 10 hours overnight to make sure your pets get all the cuddling and midnight potty breaks they need.

Service hours run 6pm to 6am and our pet sitters may have to leave your home for some time to complete other pet visits. But they always return to their home away from home and provide your pets with unlimited walks, feeding and love.

There’s no better way to keep your pets routine familiar and comfortable.

Did you know? Our caregivers are experienced pet owners themselves. Many have fostered and rescued pets. We only hire those we trust to care for our own pets.

To schedule a Meet & Greet with your new pet sitter please visit our Reservations page.

(Please request this service at least 3 weeks in advance.)