Pet Exercise: Key To A Long Life

Does Your Pet Exercise?

Pet ExerciseSadly, 60% of pets in the US are obese. Most lead a very sedentary lifestyle, much like us humans. Truth is, not only does this cause stresses on your pets physical well being, but also on their mental wellbeing.

Rex and Mr. Pickles may appear to be healthy, but have you noticed increases in bad behaviors lately? Chewing clothing or furniture, excessive licking of paws (dogs), aggressiveness or short temperedness? These are all signs of a mentally “bored” pet. Dogs and cats require not only physical stimulation of exercise, but the mental stimulation that goes along with it.

There are Tools to Exercise Pets

For Cats: Consider buying a Cat Tree or climbing device. (Check out some examples by clicking the link) You can also hide treats in toys like this or that and place them around the cat tree or house. Make them earn their reward. Laser pointers are an easy stimulant that most cats love to chase.

Just be careful not to overdo it and keep play time limited to a few minutes at a time. Cats won’t give up a chase game easily and, for example, when a cat starts panting, it means you’ve played too hard for too long.

For Dogs: Today veterinarians are recommending no less than 60 minutes of walk time per day minimum. And no, backyard time doesn’t count – to a dog, the fenced in backyard is just another big, airy room in your home. Dogs need to get out and check their “pee-mail” on trees or fire hydrants, sniff the grass and track things.

Know this doesn’t mean you have to walk your dog 60 minutes at a time. For most of us, 15-minutes before work, 15-30-minutes after work and then another walk before bed is plenty opportunity to get up to that 60 minute mark. For those of you who work super long hours or have plenty of after school activities to attend, consider purchasing a daily dog walking package from Big Paw Pet Care to help fill in the times you may not be able to make it home.

It’s amazing how just a few extra minutes of walk time will improve your dogs temperament almost overnight.


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