Holiday and Peak Date Fees

Holidays are a busy time for your family and ours. As clients pack up to head out of town, our team of pet care providers get ready for non-stop pet visits and dog walks. While you’re with your extended family, we’re celebrating the holidays with your furry family.

As with any product or service during a peak season, it is necessary to ensure our pet care providers are compensated for the time away from their family to take care of your family. Therefore we add a $5 per visit service fee to each visit during select peak periods throughout the year.

This fee is not a gratuity. However, 100% does go to your pet care provider. The fee is in recognition of our team who delays gift-giving on Christmas morning with their family, or eats Thanksgiving Dinner at 11am so they can ensure your pets get the time and attention they deserve.

While the dates may change each year, our holiday or peak season fee will generally apply:

  • Orange County Florida’s Spring Break dates
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Fourth of July Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Thanksgiving Week and Weekend
  • The Weeks of the Christmas and New Year holidays

For a list of the exact dates through 2016, please click here: Holiday and Peak Dates.


*Dates may change without notice.

Big Paw Pet Care Earns Professional Pet Sitting Certification

Mike Meibuhr, Co-Owner of Big Paw Pet Care, Earns the Pet Sitters International Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting

[Windermere, FLORIDA] (August 11, 2015)—Pet Sitters International (PSI), the world’s leading educational association for professional pet sitters, has announced that Mike Meibuhr, owner of Big Paw Pet Care in Windermere, Florida, has completed the PSI Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting and earned the designation of PSI Certified Professional Pet Sitter.

PSI-CPPS-logoTo earn this prestigious designation, a professional pet sitter must successfully earn the PSI Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting, agree to adhere to PSI’s Recommended Quality Standards for Excellence and agree to abide by PSI’s Member Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Successfully completing the Certificate in Professional Pet Sitting Program indicates that an individual has acquired the knowledge necessary to make vital assessments on pet health and nutrition, canine and feline behavior, separation anxiety, pet loss and more which can be often treated with cbd treats. A certificate holder is also equipped, as a business owner, to make decisions on customer service, employee hiring and safety.

According to Ellen Price, PSI’s academic manager, the certificate is earned after completing extensive coursework and successfully passing a comprehensive final exam on 39 sections of instructional material.

“A PSI certificate holder brings valuable knowledge to the care of companion animals,” Price said. “A pet owner who relies on a program graduate will receive top-quality pet care. The curriculum’s in-depth material also assures that a pet sitter is highly capable of making accurate judgments and quick decisions in an emergency.”

Mike’s commitment to his business and clients led him to pursue this certificate.

“As a pet sitter, I value continuing education that allows me to offer reliable service to the pets entrusted to my care,” Meibuhr said. “Earning the designation of PSI Certified Professional Pet Sitter demonstrates that I am an animal steward committed to delivering excellent service.”


Windermere Pet Sitter Says: Don’t Forget Your Pet’s Care

Summer here is here and it’s time to finalize those plans for summer vacation. You’ve made packing lists and have your passports, birth certificates and boarding passes all set to go. New toothbrushes, travel size everything has been purchased. But…

Did You Call Your Windermere Pet Sitter?

2013-11-25_1385392018Big Paw Pet Care has been serving Central Florida since 2011, bringing it’s loving brand of care to your pets, in your home. If you’re worried about the effects of boarding your pet, you’re not alone. Cats find new environments to be stressful. Dogs can be taught to potty inside with most indoor-play yards at local pet boarding facilities. And we haven’t even discussed diseases and fleas picked up at local boarding facilities.

Hiring your Windermere Pet Sitter means your dog or cat enjoys all the comforts of home…at home! We try to keep their routine as normal as possible with dog walks throughout the day, playtime and more.

Keeping Your Home Safe Too

Pet Sitting In OrlandoDays of no movement at your home makes it enticing to burglars. With Big Paw Pet Care’s services we always include free concierge services like plant watering, bringing in the mail or newspaper or packages. We also rotate lights, and open/close blinds to give your home that lived in look.

But My Friends and Family Watch My Pets

pet sitterYou love your pets and treat them like family. But don’t be fooled into thinking your friends and family love your pets as much as you. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and many of them use us because they no longer can trust their friends or family to be there when they need them.

Some clients even tell us they’re surprised that the neighbor’s child didn’t perform as well as expected. Big Paw Pet Care’s pet care providers are experienced pet care professionals trained in pet health, safety and CPR/first aid. Do you believe your pet’s are getting the best care from the neighbor kid?

Big Paw Pet Care makes it easy with online reservations, predictable care and daily updates from your pet care provider. Never worry about your pet’s getting the love and care they deserve with Big Paw Pet Care.

Create your profile today by clicking here and schedule a FREE Meet & Greet with a pet care provider. Big Paw Pet Care services pets and their families in Dr. Phillips, MetroWest, Gotha, Ocoee, Windermere and Winter Garden.

Give yourself some peace of mind this summer vacation and call Big Paw Pet Care for your pet care needs.

Meeting Your Pet Sitter

Pet owners are naturally wary about leaving their pets in the care of people they don’t know particularly well. That’s why we at Big Paw Pet Care do everything we can to alleviate some of that worry and set your mind (and heart) at ease when entrusting us with the four-legged members of your family. One of those is setting up a pet sitter Meet & Greet with you at your home.

During these approximately half hour consultations, you will get to learn everything you need to know about our service and the sitter assigned to care for your furry loved ones while you are away from home. Almost any question or concern can be addressed here until you feel fully comfortable with your pet in our care. Conversely, our pet sitters will learn all they need to know about you and your pets.

What Does a Pet Sitter Meet and Greet Cover? 

There are potentially an infinite amount of topics to cover when you meet our sitters, but there are a few necessary ones you’ll want to make sure you highlight during our visit. Since our sitters will normally visit the pets while you will be gone from the home, knowing where all the essential materials are located will be important. Leashes, food, litters or trash receptacles to dispose of waste, medications if necessary are all things you’ll want to make sure is pointed out during the visit.

If you have an alarm, the code and location of the keypad(s) should be discussed. It also doesn’t hurt to actually test the key you give to the sitter in the door lock just to make sure it works. (Sometimes those copies the hardware store makes for you aren’t quite right!)

Like humans, pets are persnickety creatures and often like certain things a certain way. Tell us what they like, what their favorite route is to take on their walks, how they like their belly rubbed. All of our pet sitters are qualified and trustworthy, but it sometimes it just comes down to feeling. Your pets won’t know if we arrived within the designated time block or whether we properly locked the front door, but they’ll know if they like us and can get along with us.

Who Do You Trust With Your Pet Care Services?

Everyday we receive phone calls from potential clients who are looking for pet care services for their dogs and cats. Many times they explain they’ve used friends and neighbors in the past to watch their pets. The story always ends up the same: “I’m not sure if they even came.”

Pet Watching or Pet Care?

pet careThere is a major difference between a pet care company like Big Paw Pet Care and using a friend or family member to watch your pet. And that difference is care. When we visit with your pet, we are there not to just check in and make sure they’re “ok”. We’re there to check the well being of your pet from feeding, to companionship, exercise and mental stimulation.

Pet Care Takes a Backseat

pet careFriends and family may have the best of intentions to care for your pet. But many times life impacts those good intentions. Whether its a sick kid at home or a last minute trip to the movies, life just happens and your pet’s visits may become an afterthought for those you hoped would watch your pets.

With a professional pet care provider like Big Paw Pet Care, you never have to worry about other plans impacting your pet’s care. We utilize a team of professional pet care providers, with backups in place in the event your primary care provider is unable to make a visit with your pet. Our pet care staff utilizes the profile you’ve created in our system to complete all the steps you requested to keep your pet’s routine as normal as possible.

To us, pet care means more than just a quick check. We’re your eyes and ears on the health and well being of your pet. We’re there to ensure your pets are happy, comfortable and stress free as possible. We’re trained in pet CPR and first aid to handle any minor or major medical emergency that may arise for your pet. We provide medication and food as you describe to keep your pets routine on schedule, find more info about the cbd medicine we use to treat anxiety here.

Your Pet’s Care and More

pet careOur best service to you is peace of mind. From our Daily Scoop reports, which are left after every visit, to text and email updates – we’re always in touch with you about your pets. We perform home security checks to ensure your home and property are safe. We bring in the mail, water the plants and wash your pet’s dishes, give them their cbd for pets so there’s just “one less thing” to worry about when you get home.

Next time you’re planning a vacation or weekend getaway, give yourself one less thing to worry about by hiring a professional pet care provider from Big Paw Pet Care.

Dog & Cat CPR Training: Orlando’s Total Pet Care

School’s Out For The Summer

Pet CPR First Aid

No more pencils, no more books. Well, maybe just books you WANT to read.

Summer is just around the corner and the kids will finally be out of school. There will be lots of time for playing in the park and swimming. Many of us will be taking our pets along for an adventure to the local dog park or even on vacation. But we know with this extra time traveling outdoors, we have many more opportunities for bumps and “boo boos” to our kids and our pets.

So, while you’re taking a break from after school soccer practices and cheerleading competitions, sign up for our first aid certification courses this summer. Pets are cherished members of our family and we want to be the best pet parent or siblings we can be to them. So use the few extra summer hours of free time to train your whole family for your pets medical emergencies.

More Than Just CPR

My classes are more than just CPR, chest compressions and bandaging protocols (don’t worry, you learn all this important stuff too). These classes cover prevention and preparation too. There’s no better way to prepare for an emergency than to take every step you can to avoid an emergency. Do you know which summer plant is poisonous to your cat? What are the tell-tale signs your dog is overheating?

By knowing these in advance, you can easily avoid them all summer long and keep your pets happy, healthy and safe.

More Classes, More Locations

Happy Paws Big Paw Pet Care Pet CPR and First Aid

Happy dogs love Happy Paws. Happy pet parents love their CPR & First Aid Trained Staff

This summer I’ll be bringing our Pet Tech first aid training to more places around Central Florida. Starting in June we’ll have classes hosted by our friends at Happy Paws Pet Resort for you Winter Park, Union Park and UCF area pet lovers. Happy Paws is so dedicated to pet safety and care they are requiring their entire staff to be certified.

These guys are awesome. Talk about peace of mind for your next pet boarding. Happy Paws owners, Karina and Michael really love your pets as much as you do. Check out the following links if you’d like to sign up for a class at Happy Paws:

We’ll be announcing more classes this summer benefitting local rescues and charities. Keep your eyes peel to our Facebook page and my home page on

How To Find A Pet Sitter In Orlando

find a pet sitter in orlandoYou’re packing your bags to head out-of-town when suddenly your cousin, who promised to watch your dogs, is going out-of-town too. Now you’re in a bind because your pet sitter is not available. Quickly you ask yourself “how do I find a pet sitter in Orlando”?

We hear this story a lot.

Family and friends are always eager to help out when it comes to taking care of your pets. But many times when the day approaches, something always comes up. You’re left in the last-minute scramble.

How can this be avoided? The best bet is to find a profesional pet sitter before you NEED a pet sitter.

Get started: Now!

Start a pet sitter search now. Don’t wait until the last-minute. Interview pet sitters today, when you’re not packed up and applying the sunscreen already. Set aside a few hours to research and contact pet sitters who serve your area.

Where do I find a pet sitter in Orlando?

Finding a pet sitter in Orlando is fairly easy with several resources. Both the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence and Pet Sitters International offer search features to find professional pet sitters that service your zip code. There’s also Urban Pet Magazine, a local publication perfect for finding that pet sitter in Orlando. Urban Pet also offers a variety of pet retailers and services – they even have an app for your smart phone.

Narrow the search.

Think about what is important to you and what will keep your pet’s schedule as normal as possible. Then interview potential pet sitters and ask them if they provide the service you need.

Don’t be afraid to ask them questions – you have to trust the person coming into your home is going to follow your instructions. If you don’t ask, you won’t know.

View online testimonials and request copies of their insurance and bonding policies. There’s no more peace of mind than those two pieces of paper.

Give them a try!

Plan a night out with your spouse or family and give the pet sitter a chance to visit your pets on his or her own. Did they do all the things you asked of them? Do you trust they were there on time, as requested?

If something was not performed to your liking, tell the pet sitter. Give them a chance to correct the situation.  A pet sitter who’s open to comment or critique and wants to make it better is a good sign.

So there you have it, some simple tips to help find your pet sitter in Orlando. Don’t forget that Big Paw Pet Care offers pet care services throughout West Orange County, including most of Orlando. So give us a call at 321-345-7387 to set up our free consultation with our pet sitters.

Save Money and Support The SPCA

Tails On The Town Benefitting SPCA of Central FloridaDon’t forget that the Tails on the Town promotion, supporting the SPCA of Central Florida, is running all summer long. For a $10 donation you can save everyday on your purchases at shops and eateries on Park Avenue in Winter Park.

For $10 you’ll receive a coupon which entitles you to these savings everyday through August 31, 2012!

Not visiting Winter Park anytime soon?

Well your favorite pet care service, Big Paw Pet Care, is offering an EXCLUSIVE Buy One, Get One offer. Buy any one service or training session and get the second equal or lesser value service  for FREE.

Still planning that summer vacation? Get your Tails on the Town card now and save on your pet’s care while you’re away. Need to refresh your dog’s training? You can buy one session and get the second session FREE!

For more information visit our friends at the SPCA of Central Florida by clicking here.