Pit Bull Puppy and Baby Love Snuggling

A Viral Video of a Pit Bull Puppy and Baby Melts Hearts

Pit Bull Puppy and Baby

Snuggle Buddies Eisleigh and Clyde

No doubt by now you’ve seen the video of a 10 week old pit bull puppy named Clyde cozying up to a 10-month old baby named Eisleigh. If so, you’re probably still clearing the lump from your throat and making excuses for the happy tears forming in your eyes.

Eisleigh’s mom, Brandi, says the two have been inseparable since they brought Clyde home. Brandi’s Instagram account has gained lots of new followers with her adorable pictures of Eisleigh and Clyde’s cuddle adventures. But nothing has proven as popular as this video.

The video has already earned over a 2 million views on YouTube and is still climbing. So, take a moment to share this post with your pet loving friends and let them see what real puppy love is all about.

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