Dog Training: Keep Pawsitive

Pawsitive. That’s Big Paw Pet Care’s approach to pet care.Dog Training
We believe in an animal-focused, positive approach to our work, whether interacting with our clients, our pet sitters and especially during our dog training sessions.

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When I meet a client and their dog for the first time, I want to get to know them. I want to know what’s most important to them with regard to their dog’s behavior. And I want to understand their family dynamic. I need to make sure we take steps that will be easy for everyone in the home to repeat and reinforce.

One size doesn’t fit all. 
There’s no “single solution” to dog training. Together you and I create a training plan for your dog that you can be comfortable with and can keep consistent with all members of your family. If something doesn’t work, there are always alternative methods.

Train: Pawsitive
Most importantly, I believe in positive reinforcement. Dogs (and people) learn better with praise and lots of rewards. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll limit or end bad behavior with aversions – or tools that tell your dog “No”.

But we’re going to train positive and make sure that no matter what, your dog knows he’s loved and a cherished member of the family.


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