How long should I walk my dog?

It’s a question we commonly receive here: how long should I walk my dog?

Baxter enjoys his daily walk

Baxter enjoys his daily walk

Dog walking is one of the most important aspects of your dog’s daily life. In the wild wolves and other canine animals walk miles each day exploring their territories. Our dogs need to get out, stretch their legs, smell the smells, see all the sights there is to see. But the answer to how long should I walk my dog not a simple one. It depends on the age of your dog, breed and his or her overall energy level. But many veterinarians agree at least 60 minutes a day should be devoted to walking your dogs.

Backyard play is as good as when I walk my dog, right?

No, allowing your dog playing in your yard is not a replacement for a dog walk. For the most part the only dog in your backyard is your dog. That means any urine markings or other scents belong to him. Just like the smells in your home. To dogs, the backyard is just an extension of your home. The grass is the carpet, the fence are the walls. It’s like another big room. While playtime is also important, your dog needs to be taking a walk around your neighborhood, outside of your home to stretch their legs, check the “pee-mail” left by other dogs and see what’s going on!

 I don’t like to say it, but I don’t have time to walk my dog

Big Paw Pet Care Pet Sitter

Charlie naps her day away

Human’s lives are busy. From work to school and after school and weekend non-school functions: human’s lives can be very, very busy. And there’s no indication that humans lives will be slowing down.

But dog’s lives are not as busy. In fact, they can be rather boring. This boredom can lead to behavioral problems in the home. And lack of exercise creates health issues for your dog.

 Three ways to increase dog walks:

  1. Carve out time before you start your day, or after the kids go to bed. Make it your dog/owner time and let your dog explore the neighborhood. You don’t have to walk them for a full hour, split up the time with an AM walk and PM walk of 30 minutes. Or several 15 minute walks a day. Change it up – your dog will love it!
  2. Make it a chore: There’s no better friend to a dog than a kid. And if you have kids, put them to work. Make them part of the routine and have them cover a 15- or 30-minute walk each day.
  3. HIRE US! Big Paw Pet Care provides a Daily Dog Walking Service in 15-, 30-, 45- and 60-minute increments. Get us in the mix and get your pup walking.

So take time out of your day, or your kids day, to walk your dog. You’ll see a better behaved, healthier dog in now time. Your dog will be less stressed and frustrated from his routine. And your dog will be happier for it too.

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