Orlando Pet CPR Trainer: Keep Summer Fun For Pets

Now that the weather is warmer many of us are looking forward to going to the beach, basking in the sun and wearing lighter clothing.

It’s an awesome time of year and one of the reasons I love Florida.  Many of our pets enjoy basking in the sun, in a sunspot just inside those sliding glass doors or lay next to a window were the sun shines through. However, they can’t dress for the occasion like us, so instead, they’ll move away when it becomes too hot for them.

My girl Sookie checking out some tastey waves at the beach.

My girl Sookie checking out some tastey waves at the beach.

Some pets are less fortunate and end up in a backyard without shade or inside a vehicle with nowhere to go.  Even with completely open windows a vehicle can reach extremely hot temperatures, ultimately sending a pet into a heat stroke very quickly. It’s important to never put your pet in this type of situation during the summer months.

Some breeds are much more susceptible to heat stroke than others without preparation you could inadvertently put your pet in a situation just as dangerous as leaving them in a backyard. So if you do take your pet to the beach, make sure it’s not drinking the ocean water, as it may lead to hypernatremia,  a type of dehydration, which could result in kidney failure. Keep plenty of water on hand at all times and make sure you understand your pet’s limitations during walks or activities in the sun.

And keep an eye out for these signs of a overheated pet:

  1. Uncontrollable panting
  2. Excessive drooling
  3. Gums that are red in color

Knowing the normal temperature of your pet is another great tool as the temperature range is large depending on the pet. Have a digital thermometer handy in your pet first aid kit!

Enjoy the summer and sun with your pets, but as my mother always said, “be sensible about it”!

Dog & Cat CPR Training: Orlando’s Total Pet Care

School’s Out For The Summer

Pet CPR First Aid

No more pencils, no more books. Well, maybe just books you WANT to read.

Summer is just around the corner and the kids will finally be out of school. There will be lots of time for playing in the park and swimming. Many of us will be taking our pets along for an adventure to the local dog park or even on vacation. But we know with this extra time traveling outdoors, we have many more opportunities for bumps and “boo boos” to our kids and our pets.

So, while you’re taking a break from after school soccer practices and cheerleading competitions, sign up for our first aid certification courses this summer. Pets are cherished members of our family and we want to be the best pet parent or siblings we can be to them. So use the few extra summer hours of free time to train your whole family for your pets medical emergencies.

More Than Just CPR

My classes are more than just CPR, chest compressions and bandaging protocols (don’t worry, you learn all this important stuff too). These classes cover prevention and preparation too. There’s no better way to prepare for an emergency than to take every step you can to avoid an emergency. Do you know which summer plant is poisonous to your cat? What are the tell-tale signs your dog is overheating?

By knowing these in advance, you can easily avoid them all summer long and keep your pets happy, healthy and safe.

More Classes, More Locations

Happy Paws Big Paw Pet Care Pet CPR and First Aid

Happy dogs love Happy Paws. Happy pet parents love their CPR & First Aid Trained Staff

This summer I’ll be bringing our Pet Tech first aid training to more places around Central Florida. Starting in June we’ll have classes hosted by our friends at Happy Paws Pet Resort for you Winter Park, Union Park and UCF area pet lovers. Happy Paws is so dedicated to pet safety and care they are requiring their entire staff to be certified.

These guys are awesome. Talk about peace of mind for your next pet boarding. Happy Paws owners, Karina and Michael really love your pets as much as you do. Check out the following links if you’d like to sign up for a class at Happy Paws:

We’ll be announcing more classes this summer benefitting local rescues and charities. Keep your eyes peel to our Facebook page and my home page on www.bigpawpets.com.

Orlando Pet CPR Trainer: How Pet CPR Differs from Human CPR

Big Paw Pet Care Pet First Aid Pet CPR

Nick Vowden, Certified Pet First Aid Trainer

Most of us care for our human family members as well as our furry ones too. Some of us take a CPR class, so that they give their loved one a better chance of surviving a medical emergency. But do you need to take CPR classes for pets too?

CPR classes for humans and classes for pet CPR are similar in only one way: Using the techniques learned in a CPR class could be the difference between life and death, permanent or temporary disability, rapid recovery and long recuperation, expensive hospital or vet bills and reasonable home care.

Statistics show that early CPR is the key to survival in many cases.  In both human CPR and pet CPR, the object is to circulate the oxygen in the blood as soon as possible with the help of chest compressions.

But in pet CPR, techniques are also based on the SHAPE of the animal’s chest.

Big Paw Pet CareA barrel-chested dog such as a bulldog for instance, has a very broad chest and requires a different technique. Ironically, that technique looks very much like human CPR with the dog placed on it’s back and the compressions are performed on the front of the chest.

The reason being, it’s a longer distance to the heart and more difficult to perform effective compressions if placing the dog on its side and compressing the chest, than it is from the front of the chest while the dog is on it’s back.

Come join us for a pet CPR class and learn the techniques you need to know in the event of an emergency. We offer them regularly throughout the year at various convenient locations around Central Florida.

Remember that in a medical emergency: doing something is always better than doing nothing.