3 Simple 4th Of July Pet Tips

4th of July

It’s the biggest party of summer! July 4th brings about family and friends, cookouts, fireworks and fun. But your pets may not find the holiday as much fun as you. So we’ve compiled three simple 4th of July pet tips to help you out.

Fireworks make the Fourth of July holiday the number one day each year when pets are reported lost. The crackle and booms of fireworks draw oohs and aahs from humans, but they can be downright terrifying for dogs and cats.

Don’t let your pet add to the statistic this Forth of July. Take a few steps to ensure they are ready for the big celebration. Here’s a few 4th Of July oet tips to keep your happy safe this July 4th:

dog id tags1. Update your pet’s microchip information and secure their ID tags today: Start with the worst case scenario: your pet escapes during the fireworks display. Give them the best chance of being returned to you by updating their microchip information and add tags to their collar with their name, your address and phone number.


dog walking2. Walk your dogs and feed your pets late afternoon: Don’t wait until dark to take your dog for a walk. Take them out before sunset to do their business. Feed them early to help move along the process.


cat sleeping3. Create a safe zone in your home: Pick a room with few or no windows. Create a comfortable place for them with their favorite blanks, bedding or toys. Turn on the TV, radio, or use a white noise machine to muffle sounds. If possible, don’t leave your pet home alone. (If you are taking your pet along to a celebration, make sure they are not left alone. Keep them by your side and for dogs, bring lots of treats to reassure them during any big fireworks displays.)

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate with family. By taking these simple steps, you’ll create a holiday that’s enjoyable for you and your furry family members.

Christmas Presents For Pets

Many local pet retailers have a visit with Santa planned for pets. What is your pet asking Santa for this Christmas?

In 2014, Americans will have spent approximately $58.5 Billion (yes, that’s a “B”) on pets. A good hunk of that, about $14 Billion, will go to over the counter medicines, supplies and toys. Toys!

That’s a lot of Christmas presents for pets!

FullSizeRenderThis year our family added a new dog, Linus, which means he needs a Christmas stocking to match our other pup’s stocking. So, we’ve invested about $20 in his Christmas present already. Unfortunately for our holiday spending budget, we’ll most likely make a mad dash on Christmas eve and overspend on our pups just as we do every year…but that’s ok with us.

How about you? Are you spending big on your pets this year? Comment below and let us know!

In the meantime, enjoy a video of some happy puppies opening their Christmas presents:

Memorial Day: Remembering Military Dog Teams

Big Paw Pet Care Memorial Day

US Military Malinois in Iraq

Many of us may spend the Memorial Day visiting grave sites or memorials for loved ones who have served their country. Others will take in a parade honoring our soldiers who have made the greatest sacrifice of all for their country. Each year, Big Paw Pet Care also takes a moment to remember the soldiers and dog teams of our military who work together to keep us safe and free.

Big Paw Pet Care Memorial Day

U.S. Army scout dog “Chief” on patrol in Vietnam.

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Originally called Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorating the Union and Confederate dead. But in the 20th century Memorial Day was extended to honor all Americans who have died serving the United States of America. The first official use of dogs for military purposes in the United States was during the Seminole Wars. The American Pit Bull Terrier was used in the American Civil War to protect, send messages, and as mascots in American World War I propaganda and recruiting posters.

Big Paw Pet Care Memorial Day

Dogs heading to the front lines of the Solomon Islands. Pacific, 1943.

In October 2013 the first National Monument dedicated to military so dogs debuted in San Antonio Texas. Military Working Dog Teams National Monument was created by sculptor Paula Slater and depicts the modern military handler and four dogs — a Doberman, German shepherd, Labrador retriever and Belgian Malinois, all breeds used in wars. The 5 figures stand on a pedestal, in front of a large granite wall. On one side of the wall there will be photos etched in black marble veneer showing dog teams in combat from the different wars.

memorial day

The Military Working Dog Teams National Monument at night.

The other side has an inscription written by John Burnam. Burnam is a veteran of the Vietnam war with the Army’s 44th Scout Dog Platoon. He worked with 2 different dogs during that period, Timber and Clipper and is the author of 2 books about his experiences, “Dog Tags of Courage” and “A Soldier’s Best Friend.”. “[Clipper] saved my life and saved the lives of others by alerting on ambushes, snipers and booby traps. I wanted to give something back to these animals that have done so much and asked for so little, except for food and water and the love of their handlers,” said Burnam.

The Military Working Dog Teams National Monument is located at JBSA Lackland and maintained by the Airman Heritage Foundation. For more information, please visit the monument’s Facebook page


Article sources: Wikipedia.com and the former foundation: jbmf.us.

Christmas and Holiday Pet Care

Merry Christmas from Pepper!
geckoam / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

There holidays are in full swing – whether you like it or not! If your thoughts have probably turned to traveling to see family, don’t forget to put some thought to your furry family and schedule their holiday pet care.

Christmas and New Year holidays are traditionally the busiest for pet sitters. So take our advice: Book NOW for any pet care visits you need while you’re out of town. You don’t want to be left out in the cold without a care provider for your pet.

Here’s our holiday pet care tips:

1. Don’t rely on the kindness of neighbors. They’re busy with family too. Instead, hire a professional pet sitter.

2. Book now! If you’ve never used a pet care company, give yourself enough time to interview pet sitters – waiting till last minute means you’ll be left with whichever pet sitter is left for your Christmas Day needs.

3. While you’re out shopping for gifts, be sure to stock up on lots of food, treats, kitty litter and the like to make sure your holiday pet sitter has all the supplies they need at hand. Long lines at the stores are the worst at Christmas time. You don’t want your pet sitter spending time in line when they could be cuddling with your fur kid.

kaheatheweirdfish / Foter / CC BY-NC-SChristmas is far busier for us so don’t wait – book your pet care today.

You can reserve a pet sitter right NOW for your furry family with Big Paw Pet Care. Simply log into our online reservation system and sign up for a Meet & Greet today!

Happy HOWL-idays!

Fourth of July: Lost Dogs

You’ve probably heard that more dogs are reported lost on the 4th of July than any other day of the year.

You can imagine a night where the sky explodes with lights and sounds can be unnerving to a dog who spends most evenings curled up at your feet on the floor.

If you’re heading out tonight there are a few precautions you can take to help your pup deal with the festivities outside:

1) Create A Safe Space: If you crate your dog, leave the door open and cover the sides with a blanket and pillows. The den-like set up helps relax your dog and the pillows help absorb some sounds. Throw some treats inside so it’s extra welcoming.

If you don’t crate your dog, you can create the same sort of safe space in any area your dog likes to relax. Improvise a den using chairs and blankets – like when you would camp indoors as a kid.

2) Drown Out The Noise: Symphonic music has a calming effect on dogs. So does white noise (just like us). If you’re leaving, leave the stereo or your cable system’s music channel on classical music, just a tad higher than you may usually listen to when you’re home.

3) Stay Calm, Show The Love: If you’re not heading out, make sure your dog knows that everything is OK. Nothing is more reassuring than lots of cuddling and hugs. Keep your voice calm and reassuring – move slowly about the house, not making any sudden movements that will raise your dogs concern.

Most importantly: Make sure all doors, window and gates are secure before departing.

And if you haven’t done so lately, update your dog’s microchip information with your most current address and phone number.

By making sure your home is set up to be a Pawsitive place, even the furriest members of your family can enjoy this holiday!