Three Keys To Better Dog Walking

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Loose leash walking.

The loose leash walk allows your dog to wander to the end of the leash’s length, enjoying some freedom to stretch his legs, investigate aromas left behind by other dogs and do his business.

Many times you may experience or see a dog owner who’s dog is leading them down the street, with a tight lead and the dog breathing heavy as if choking himself. This is NOT a loose leash walk, if you couldn’t tell.

But getting to a loose leash walk does not require a lot of training. In short, there are three keys to make sure your dog is well behaved on your walk:

  1. The focus is always on you. While your dogs immediate attention may be on the scent of another dog left on a tree he should always be aware of where you are and what you’re doing. Your dog should not be taking you in a direction he feels is important. Make sure the focus is on you and where you wanna go.
  2. Keep within the radius. Picture yourself in a bubble defined by the length of your dog’s leash. If your dog lingers too long or pulls to inspect further, quick corrections to the leash should bring him back in order.
  3. No Pressure. Your main tool of communication is pressure and the leash delivers it. A loose leash walk should be just as it sounds: Loose. A taut leash, pulling the collar is a sign your dog’s focus is on something else and he’s taking you in that direction (Remember the example at the beginning what a loose leash walk is NOT?)

Good leash manners are vital to a good dog walk. Keeping these three steps in mind will make your walks more enjoyable for you and your dog.

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