Why I’m A Dog Trainer (from Orlando’s Total Pet Care)

I love my dogs

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 I’ve always wanted a career that let me spend more time with my dogs. They are almost literally my children. But it’s important to note I don’t treat them like children. I train them and I train them a lot. Everyday.

For most people, dog training seems to be a luxury. But the reality is most people also treat their dogs like humans. This can lead to numerous issues including general disobedience  dominance and other unwanted behaviors. This makes dog training more of a necessity than a luxury. Wouldn’t you agree?

We don’t train failure

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My goal as a dog trainer is to find a tactic you are comfortable with and will then pass on to your family. By keeping everyone consistent you will see your dog always knows what you want of him as long as you ask him for it. We use a wide breadth of training techniques and philosophies until you find you are getting the reaction you want from your dog.

[box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded”]TIP: Reacting loudly to a bad behavior can be communicated as “GOOD” to your dog if you also react loudly to the dog doing a good thing. [/box]

Know that anything I teach you and your dog will always be positive. We reward the good behavior, we ignore and reset when confronted with a bad behavior.

I’m a dog trainer because I want to help you with the knowledge I’ve gained over many years of dog ownership and training. I want you to enjoy your time with your dog and not make excuses for embarrassing or bad behavior.

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