Windermere Dog Walkers Warn Pee Pads Cause Problems

Every morning I, like everyone else, scroll through Facebook to check up on family, friends and (sadly) catch a bit of news. With each view comes the obligatory ad or two for products you may or may not have heard about already. This morning an ad for scrolled through my feed. Pee Poo Pads promise to “save you money, protect your floors and make house training a breeze”.

The ad also stated that Pee Poo Pads are cheaper than dog walkers. But are they?

House Training Is Never A Breeze

windermere dog walkersHouse training a new dog or puppy is time consuming, challenging and frustrating. It’s never a breeze.

But what you’re really doing is reinforcing what is right and wrong. You are rewarding your pup’s ability to know where and when it’s potty time. This process creates the structure, or rules, for your dog to live by in your “pack”.

The most common, excuse that people do not walk their dog is “they can go in the backyard”. As we’ve stated before – this belief is decidedly false.

Dog walking is engrained in your dogs DNA. So “backyard time” does nothing to satisfy your dogs NEED to walk, to explore and use their senses. More importantly, your backyard is NOT “outside” for your dog. It’s just another room of your house. That room is full of your smells, your dog’s smells – the only difference the backyard/room has for your dog is the grass for carpeting and the roof leaks badly in the rain.

Using pee pads is a bandaid, a quick fix to house training. But it will never replace house training and in the end will cost you more than doing it right the hard way.

Pee Pads Hidden Costs

Pee pads further blur that line of indoor/outdoor rooms of your house. Using pee pads, especially one’s scented like Pee Poo Pads, to entice your dog to urinate or deficate on the pads is re-training your dog to use the bathroom in the house. Eventually, your backyard or your living room becomes one big room to your dog – a you’ve trained your dog that all rooms are fair game when they need to go potty.

Eventually those cost saving pee pads are causing your dog to pee on your carpet, your wood floors, maybe even your furniture. Don’t be mad though – you trained them to do it!

Our Windermere Dog Walkers Walk Dogs Everyday

It’s no secret that we at Big Paw Pet Care believe that daily dog walking is one of the most important aspect of your dogs daily life – only second to food and water. With 60 minutes of walking each day, you relieve the stress of boredom in your dog, burn calories and create time for you to bond with your dog. If you can’t find the time to take your dog out everyday for at least 60 minutes, hire a dog walking service like us.

If dog walking service isn’t in your budget, get your family involved.

You don’t need to walk in one 60 minute block each day. Have your spouse or partner take a walk for 15 or 30 minutes in the AM. Get the kids to walk the dog in the afternoon or evening. Make it a family event after dinner each day and walk the dogs together.

Just remember, if you are training your dog to use pee pads and not walking them – the bad behaviors you see in your dog, the damage you have in your home, these are your fault – not your dogs.

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