Windermere Pet Sitter: Is My Pet Sitting Service Bonded & Insured?

Many times people ask if we’re bonded and insured. My initial reply is always “Yes, all of Big Paw Pet Care’s pet care providers fall under our comprehensive insurance and bonding policies”.

Then I usually follow up by asking: “Do you know the difference between insured and bonded?”.

Most of the time people do not. To be honest, before we started Big Paw Pet Care, I didn’t know what this meant either.

IMG_3262Pet sitting insurance is typically a general liability coverage that includes previsions for the safety and care of animals. Big Paw Pet Care’s policy covers us up to $2 million dollars in the event there is accidental damage to your property, home or your pet while under our care. All Big Paw Pet Care providers fall under our comprehensive policy. If while under our care, we break a lamp or accidentally leave a faucet running, you are covered for this damage and repairs by our policies. Sames hold true in the event that your pet suffers an injury as a result of our actions.

We’ve never made a claim on our insurance. We don’t intend to either. But it’s there, as part of our peace of mind promise to you.

Bonding is a little different. Bonding coverage kicks in when something intentional, or criminal happens. For example if you hire a contractor to remodel your kitchen only to come home and find your fine china is missing, you’re going to hope that company had a bond. Because when you report this theft to the police and they determine the culprit was a member of the construction crew – insurance no longer covers because the “damage” or theft was intentional. The company’s bond will cover the cost of replacing or repairing any lost or damaged items.

We don’t intend to use our bond either. But again it’s there for your peace of mind along with pet sitter background and reference checks. Big Paw Pet Care checks this information out so you don’t have to. We want your pet care experience with us to be easy and stress free.

So, you ask, why should I trust you did the background checks on your staff? Simply stated: if we hire a pet sitter to enter your home who has any record of arrest or criminal charges – our insurance is voided.

That’s a big deal. And that’s why we always check, check  and recheck that the person we’re hiring we trust enough to care for our pets…and yours.



  1. How important is being bonded + insured for a new pet sitting business? About half of the companies I see are insured, but about half are not.

    • Great question, Sharon!

      First and foremost bonds and insurance are as much for your protection as it is for the protection of the company. From accidental damage to your property to lost keys that may require a pricey re-keying of your home: insurance is there to help you if something unexpected happens under the company’s care.

      A dishonesty bond protects you in the event that something criminal occurred by your pet sitter. Insurance covers accidental loss while bond protects against an intentional loss. (This coverage kicks in once the person has been prosecuted.)

      Big Paw Pet Care knows our clients entrust us not only with their furry loved one’s wellbeing but also with the protection of their home and it’s contents. That’s why all of our pet care providers undergo a criminal background check and extensive reference checks prior to hiring. This is also the reason we provide all clients with a copy of our insurance and bond to keep in their personal files for additional peace of mind.

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