Windermere Pet Sitter Warns: Coyote Danger To Small Dogs & Cats

This week the Windermere Florida Mayor issued a warning for all pet owners to keep extra vigilant watching over your pets while outside.

Windermere Coyote

Owners of cats and small to medium-sized dogs need to be extra cautious. Coyotes have snatched at least one small poodle this week. Remains of a cat have also been found. Several pets have been reported missing this past fall and within the past few weeks.

The warning has only been issued in Windermere, however close by neighborhoods like Ocoee, Winter Garden and Dr. Philips should also take note.

What’s a Coyote?  

Coyotes are wolf-like wild dog. They are nocturnal animals but you may see them late into dawn or dusk. Daylight appearances could be a warning sign that the coyote is ill or injured. Make sure you secure all trash as you would to ward off any animal. Finally, make sure to keep your cat or dog indoors during the nighttime hours.

What do I if I see a coyote? 

Trying “hazing” the coyote by using a loud, authoritative voice to scare it away. Make yourself appear as large as possible. Trying throwing rocks or whatever is handy near the coyote to force it to flee. Do not run or allow your pet to run or chase the coyote.

If the coyote is not afraid and doesn’t seem bothered by you – contact Orange County Animal Control. It’s a hard thing to do, but a coyote that is not afraid of humans can become a bigger threat.

If the coyote becomes aggressive towards you, or attempts to attack you – call your local law enforcement immediately.

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